SK DUT-E service kit




SK DUT-E service kit is designed for fuel level sensors configuring and for transferring the information between PC and capacitive fuel level sensors DUT-E 232 and DUT-E 485.



SK DUT-E service kit may be used for:

1) viewing DUT-E settings and options;
2) changing the settings:

    • to carry out DUT-E calibration (its necessary procedure after length reducing or increasing);
    • to adjust output message type and automatic transmission mode;
    • to configure signal filtration and thermocompensating functions;
    • to adjust interface parameters (speed);
    • to carry out tank calibration;
    • to store the calibration table to the device;

3) carrying out the sensor diagnostics;
4) firmware updating of the device.


SK DUT-E skrn

Delivery package


DUT-E to PC_indications1(1)    • USB service adapter (1);
    • USB A-B cable (2);
    • RS-232 service cable (3);
    • RS-485 service cable;
    • "DUT-E Service";
    • "USB driver";
    • Specification.



Warranty period is 18 months from the date of installation or 24 months from the date of manufacturing.