Vehicle Tracking Software

Important Features of software application

  1. 1.Near real time vehicle updated location.
  2. 2.Dash board .
  3. 3.Track Player- facilitates play back of route traversed in order to confront drivers who violates laid down routes.
  4. 4.Geofencing of land marks.
  5. 5.SMS alerts-of speed violation,geo fence entry/exit,halts,ignition ON/OFF alerts,Fuel Filling/Theft.
  6. 6.History- 1 Year.
  7. 7.Drivers- complete details of drivers to include his photo, id, address, contact details
  8. 8.I drive safe application- Provide inputs on drivers behavior ie harsh breaking or sharp turnings etc.
  9. 9.Accounts and subaccounts- One main account for customer and further sub accounts can be operated simultaneously in order to allow concerned persons to monitor vehicles which are of his interest.
  10. 10.Daily system generated reports giving performance of vehicle of past 24 hours is sent to designated mail ids at designated time.
  11. 11.Map overlays- Google hybrid, Google satellite , Google street, My India, Gurtam etc
  12. 12.Panic Button- If required.
  13. 13.Locator application- A link is provided  to customers to monitor movement of desired vehicles for specified period of time. For example in case of ambulance services, Call center on receiving  request from customer/patient,  allots a particular ambulance to reach customer,s location and sends a link to his mobile. Customer than can track its current location till it reaches him.
  14. 14.Nearest unit location- On double clicking any location on the map, one can search units available close to that location. Maximum of 25 units in nearest vicinity will be displayed on the map. Thus easy to choose  units for tasking.
  15. 15.Device off line notification


Generated Reports on :-

  • 1.Engine run time
  • 2.Distance covered
  • 3.Speed violation reports
  • 4.Geofence entry/exit reports.
  • 5.Trip report
  • 6.Rides reports ( Geofence to Geofence movement)
  • 7.Parking status report.
  • 8.Graphical representations- Graphs on speed, ignition, mileage.
  • 9.Main supply ON/OFF.
  • 10.GSM connectivity/ availability report.
  • 11.Any customized report sought by customer.
  • 12.Group Reporting- A special feature wherein reports of all vehicles can be executed over a specified period ( 1/2/15----- days) at one go.
  • 13.Fuel Filling/Theft with Date,time and Location stamp.